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Late Life Crisis - June 2021

There is word that Oxford University is considering phasing out imperial measurements as part of its efforts to decolonise its maths, physics and life sciences faculties. So should I respond by decolonising my underpants drawer? A quick recce shows measurements in both inches and centimetres. Is that acceptable? Possibly not  - every time I put on a pair of pants I might feel drawn to observe the inches measurements and lapse into a regression that would count as minor thought crime.

A Wobbly Conveyance? Peeking through the stamp duty window

Residential conveyancing lawyers are not paid enough. There is a statement to get attention. 

My credentials for writing on conveyancing. First, I moved home in 2021. I almost sense a Punch cartoon: 'The man who moved home before the end of the Stamp Duty window' [as was at the time].

Late Life Crisis - May 2021

Once upon a time I was promised, or thought I had been promised, a certain position. The promise was not fulfilled, and I was miffed. During supper one evening  with a friend I explained my miffedness. My friend rejoined that I had made the mistake of believing that someone meant what they had said. He pointed out more precisely that in life people do make promises on which they don't deliver. 

Late Life Crisis - April 2021

There are so many topics of thinking in life where I struggle to reach a settled view. Amongst my dilemmas is what judgement to make on the law firm that did the salads for women offer on International Women's Day 2017 - see March Late Life Crisis. However, though what follows has not generated a Eureka moment, the Overton window may help as a thinking tool.

Reaching the Horizon - Court of Appeal Post Office judgment imminent

We are back to 1999.  Suppose that you are running a small Post Office branch. You enjoy the business: it provides a stable income, you like the people contact, and your customers value the service you give to the community.

However, all is not well. The Post Office have recently introduced a new computer system called 'Horizon'. The system is designed by Fujitsu. It is supposed to simplify your accounting for daily takings. Yet it is doing the opposite. You are starting to see accounting shortfalls.