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Late Life Crisis - September 2022

At the end of August's effort I said that I would take a break on these until the New Year. It only took a few representations about continuing, to make me change my mind. Fickleness in the extreme.

Entries strictly following the passage of the month:

Postcard from the Wye Valley and then Somerset

On the way down, a stop at Old Sodbury, just off the M4. I was fascinated to see if this is the place to which I should properly retire.

Communication, Coffey and Commas

The purpose of punctuation is to make written language easier to understand. In certain uses it is also there to prevent a sentence from being ambiguous. Where there is ambiguity and conflict as to meaning, in case of legal dispute enter the lawyers, and potentially the Courts. Not good news. 

The comma is low in the food chain of punctuation. The new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has decreed that one usage of it, the so-called Oxford Comma, shall no longer happen in her department. End. Verboten. 

Late Life Crisis - August 2022

I loved Laura Kenny's podium appearance after winning a Commonwealth cycling Gold for England. It being the Commonwealth Games, 'Jerusalem' is played as the anthem. Except our Laura was none too clear on when it finished, turning prematurely back to face front. With a shrug and a smile, she charmed her way through (also giving a stand-out interview afterwards about getting demotivated during training).


To Benjamin Franklin is credited the saying: 'It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.'

Late Life Crisis - July 2022

I am pretty good with crowds, although a super-spreading event would currently not be welcome. The only exception was when walking once to Stamford Bridge as a young teenager to see Chelsea, and being carried along with my feet barely touching the ground - slightly alarming.

Late Life Crisis - June 2022

I am afflicted by deformation professionnelle (and before I go further I must say that there would be an acute on the first 'e' if I could find some way of doing it with this programme). The condition is not physiological, as might appear from the name. It translates roughly as occupational hazard. It is, for someone who teaches legal writing and drafting, the tendency to want to correct/sub-edit other's text where there is a mistake.