Here is some representative feedback on talks I have given over recent years:

September 2020 - A Zoom talk, The Park and the Green (history of Finsbury Park and Stroud Green), for The London Society

'Thanks for a fascinating talk - very much appreciated'. Don Brown, Director

September 2020 - A Zoom talk, Stories of the Law, for the University of the Third Age

'Thank you for giving us such an excellent talk today on the subject of Stories of the Law. Not only did you entertain us, as you have done on your previous visit in 2018, but you have also given us an insight into the workings of the law and the Courts, and the decisions arrived at in some of the more unusual cases. As  magistrate of many years, i really appreciated your clear and easily understood explanation of how the law is interpreted' John Hajdu, U3A organiser

July 2020 - A Zoom talk on the Victorian artist  W P Frith (his art and his unconventional personal life) for London Historians

'Thanks for your talk yesterday, as excellent as expected' Mike Paterson, Director, London Historians

May 2019 - A talk at Guildhall Library to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth Sir Horace Jones, City Architect and Surveyor

'Thanks for your marvellous talk last night' Mike Paterson, Director, London Historians

June 2018 - A talk, Developers and the City, for the University of the Third Age

'A great talk this morning. Over 90 members enjoyed your presentation" John Hajdu, U3A organiser

March 2018 - A talk on the Holocaust denial case of Irving v Lipstadt (case made into the film, Denial)

'Brilliant and most interesting talk...he's really most knowledgeable'  Member of Association of Jewish Refugees

March 2018 - One of a set of talks, Literature and the City, to mark the 200th lecture in the Knowledge of the City Series

'That was a truly splendid evening'  Val Pretlove

April 2017 - A talk, Catholics and the City, at the Barbican Library

'Thanks again for an enjoyable talk. All in all, people thought that it was an interesting topic and a very good talk'  Helen Tremaine, Assistant Librarian

September 2016 - A Talk, Stories of the Law, for the Association of Jewish Refugees:

'A semi-retired former top London solicitor regaled us John Mortimer-style with a Cook's tour of English law, criminal and civil alike. Seemingly, the average citizen is remarkably non-litigious. Generously he heard out our personal dilemmas, so we left inspired to stand our ground should injustice make an appearance in our lives'  Suzie Ellis, Association of Jewish Refugees

May 2016 - A talk at Guildhall Library on The Cleveland Street Scandal

'Many thanks for your fabulous talk; it was very well received by our audience'  Amy Randall, City of London Corporation

September 2015 - A talk, Developers and the City, at the Barbican Library

'I just wanted to say thanks again for doing such a brilliant talk. We had a good turnout and I got great feedback' Helen Tremaine, Assistant Librarian