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A Quiet Dinner for Two?

You know the picture: candles; low lighting; background muzak, possibly light classical. And tablecloths, preferably white - there just have to be tablecloths. The Maitre welcomes you, your coats are taken, and you are conducted to your table. Or perhaps you will have an aperitif in the bar, peruse the menu, choose your food, and then be brought to the table when the starter is ready.

The Cote d'Azur Stayers Hurdle

It did not take Simon Calder's Travel Week blog for the interested to register that now was the time to book plane tickets. Imminently no more need to quarantine on return from France. Double-jabbed folk, this way please to the BA website.

Yet it would not be as simple as turning up and handing in passport. Hurdles to surmount, and failure to comply would mean bye bye boarding.

Our lawyer walks through walls for us - a Post Office story

This is a general piece mostly about the role of lawyers in the Post Office Horizon IT Scandal, focussing on solicitors' conduct duties. It might help those who wonder what those duties are. For erudite in depth legal analyses of the saga consult LinkedIn and writings from Paul Marshall of Cornerstone Chambers and Prof. Richard Moorhead of Exeter University. For a sense of the passion held by a lawyer representing three of the victims consult LinkedIn material from Nick Gould of Aria Grace Solicitors.


Late Life Crisis - August 2021

Reports continue of how easy it is to steal high-tech keyless cars. Apparently Jaguars, Land Rovers and Range Rovers are especially popular for nicking. As manufacturers' technology develops, so does the capability of thieves to respond. Great British innovation at play here.

Late Life Crisis - July 2021

'Retail queen' Mary Portas has been interviewed on her 60th birthday. The part that interested me was where, her history of sexual relationships being fluid, she was asked whether she was single now. I thought her reply as reported, was spot-on. She laughed and turned to an assistant: 'What's my answer?'. 'You are very happy in your personal life'. Thus: 'I am very happy in my personal life'.