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Honesty and a junior solicitor - a sad and salutary tale

Here is a first line to a hymn:

'Oh, there'll be joy when the work is done'.

But what about putting lawyer time down when the solicitor has not yet done the work? For one solicitor it ended not with joy but with him being struck off the Roll, meaning end of right to practise.

49 tips for a healthier and happier life

I devour the weekend papers in search of inspirational advice pieces. The above is a headline for one such article. I thought I should turn the exact recommendations into an aspirational day. No substantive embellishment, though I cannot resist initial square-bracketed commentary to set the tone. Here we go:


7.30pm. I wake after eight hours of unbroken, nourishing sleep [you must be joking]. My strict regime means I dozed off at 11.30pm. Prompt.

Searching for the Left Behind

The Question

They could be a member of your family, or a friend or acquaintance, or a work colleague. They voted in good faith for Brexit, and unless the person is an ideological zealot they will be disappointed at the outcome so far. Can we define a type for these people?

Leaning in from the Right

I decided to read around the sound bites. I thought that insights from an academic might help, so I got stuck into 'Values, Voice and Virtue', by Matthew Goodwin, who is Professor of Politics at the University of Kent.