Festive Reflections: Why I Detest Boris Johnson

I have a reputation in certain quarters for being grumpy, so this seems a perfect subject for these times.

To prepare for my diatribe I have first checked the Johnson entries in 'Late Life Crisis', a series of articles I did over the pandemic up to August this year. I will reproduce some of them below. They form an aide memoire for developing my arguments. They are also a snapshot of 18 months of UK Covid world. 

The Review

March 2020

Late Life Crisis - August 2021

Reports continue of how easy it is to steal high-tech keyless cars. Apparently Jaguars, Land Rovers and Range Rovers are especially popular for nicking. As manufacturers' technology develops, so does the capability of thieves to respond. Great British innovation at play here.

Late Life Crisis - November 2020

"Now Christopher and Patrick, show me the drawings you've done during carpet time.......thank you".

"Christopher, yours has some squiggly lines going up and down over the page...........................I see, it's spiders having a race......well, that is very good imagination".