Late Life Crisis - March 2021

Law firms have always been vulnerable to being lampooned as a result of gaffes. On International Women's Day 2017 a law firm suffered through advertising that salads in the staff restaurant that day would be half-price for women....

It is fun looking out for gaffes, but the question is how determinedly should one look. So is it my innuendo-ridden mind, or is the photo below of Boris Johnson (with Richard Desmond) unintentionally unfortunate?

Late Life Crisis - January 2021

The Waitrose Sprout Scandal, Part 2. December's Late Life Crisis tells the story,, but the summary is that Waitrose substituted a bag of sprouts with a single sprout in an online shop, and then charged £0.01p for the sprout. 

Late Life Crisis - November 2020

"Now Christopher and Patrick, show me the drawings you've done during carpet time.......thank you".

"Christopher, yours has some squiggly lines going up and down over the page...........................I see, it's spiders having a race......well, that is very good imagination".